I’m A Realist.

As I idly flicked through the pages of the free supplemented magazines that graced the previous weekends ‘news’ papers (a term I use most loosely), the words (more than likely adapted) of Tom Ford and Carine Roitfeld were swirling round my mind. The trials and tribulations of a fashion worker constantly tested and questioned for their own use of creativity and unorthodox ways in what I always saw as a free spirited industry.

I can tell you, my opinion has vastly changed this year.

However, these words printed about people I do not know, and dare I say it I had no clue who Roitfeld was before eyeing the magazine printed by the Observer, it gave me an insight and made me think of my own views of fashion throughout my life.

As a child I used to like dressing up, like most people explored in their adolescence, god forbid we wanted to look like our parents (looking back we were terribly naïve and misled). Around the age of nine I was never seen without my football kit, an outfit that took my father half a second to decide to buy me, because I am the oldest child and his two boys were too young to appreciate it. He always tried to opt out of paying for my school uniform though.

Around the age of twelve, up until last year may I add, my style consisted of skinny jeans, band shirts and overpriced canvas plimsolls. I still remember buying a black and tartan zip skirt once upon a time, that I adored but never wore, and now I look back I think of how fashion changes and this year that would be deemed fashionable and ‘in trend’ – especially this fall – when once it provided an identity to a ‘different’ fourteen year old.

I think on now and how most days when I list the brands of my daily outfits, the words ‘Topshop’ and River Island’ are thrown around so carelessly when only 18 months ago I dreamt of being able to match the money in my purse to what I saw on the overpriced price tags.

Maybe at nineteen I’m not scared to spend my money I work hard to earn, maybe I’m careless or maybe I’m trying to fit in.

But the point of this post was for me to show how I’ve changed over the years, how we all change and how fashion itself is so ever changing. The articles I cited earlier brought me back to just a year ago when I looked at fashion spreads and wondered how on earth someone could put pieces of clothing together in such a way and deem it ‘fashionable’, I thought it was downright awful.

However, reading these articles it made me think of how being in the industry for so many years must change someone, their visions altered and they see things in such a way that only a regular Joe could hope for. I now understand the arty creations and how wild and outrageous you can be because fashion enables you to be whom you want and be yourself. Fashion knows no boundaries so if you have a whole publication to express that and enable others to find their own identity then I see these outfits as nothing short of beautiful.


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