01/10 OOTD

Waking up this morning was a bind and maybe that was why it took me around an hour to stop sloping around the house and start preparing myself for college and a coffee meeting with Olivia. I was late. No surprise. I find myself standing in front of my wardrobe every morning, eyes scanning over every piece of clothing in there and I just can’t seem to envision things together in a more than simple way. It’s same-y and boring and 2D.

I try on about 10 variations of an outfit before settling on something that I still only feel half-hearted about. Today was one of the days that it took me half the length of time and I found something I enjoyed.


My face is awkward in this so please bypass it and ignore it.

I dug out my old (can 6 months constitute as old?) Aztec print shirt, my new H&M raspberry sweater than I painfully adore, these trusty black River Island jeans (that I admittedly put my foot through the knee hole on the first wear and tore a mess, hence the safety pins) and those Topshop oxblood boots that have been on my feet more than a pair of socks.





As much as I would like to protest how real this bag is (of course I can afford a real Louis Vuitton bag), alas I purchased this for £9 in a Turkish market. It’s cute regardless.

Let’s hope the 20% discount at Topshop will treat me well over the next 2 days and I can be a little more creative! xox


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