Welcome to the world of Choies.

I’m sure at this stage you’ll know, especially if you follow my tumblr blog, that I spend many a night trailing the depths of Polyvore to find the right items to express a kind of style I adore. Often it can take hours of page turning and category searching until I have found enough pieces to create a sufficiently adequate outfit that I’d be confident to post.

However, a couple of days ago I spotted a jumper I simply adored. Thankfully Polyvore are informative and helpful enough to have the brand website in the information box that shows when you hover over an item. That website was Choies. I won’t lie and say I was a frequent visitor of that website, because I wasn’t. I’d never heard of it.


Here is the sweater I am hoping to purchase soon! (x)

After stumbling upon this website, I began searching the categories and clothes to find a few items I quite fancied and was pleasantly surprised to adore quite a substantial amount of cute clothes.

Instantly, I was drawn to the header ‘BLOGGER WANTED’, and curiosity took hold of me, forcing me to click the link. I was surprised to find the Fashion Programme which can give bloggers the opportunity to receive Choies items in exchange for promotion on their blogs. I thought the idea was truly superb so I took a few moments to sign up.

I really recommend you guys doing the same, it’s most definitely worth applying to see if anything comes of it.

I also took few minutes to compile a couple of sets of items I really liked from their webstore.





 Overall, I really enjoyed finding out about Choies and I hope to buy from there in the future.

Check Choies out here (x)!

(Please click the link and have a look to help me try and become a Choies blogger. It will only take a second :))

Peace and love xox



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