Stubborn Love – 06/11

As you may have seen from my October haul post, I bought a super cute burgundy and white heart print skirt in the sale which I have been dying to wear but been unsure whether it looked right on me or not. Today, I decided that this 2013 Burberry print was absolutely not leaving my house in a plastic bag with the receipt tucked into it, it would leave the house on my body minus the store tags.

One thing I can say about this is that it is a really comfortable garment. It fits well, with an elasticated back waist that lends a helping hand when you’ve had a cheeky bite to eat and is not constricting throughout your day.



Long Sleeved Crop Top – Topshop
Heart Print Skirt – Primark
Black Tights – Primark
Katz Shoes – Topshop
Oversized Patent Bag – Primark
Biker Jacket – H&M

I’m very happy to say that I also bought a winter coat in the H&M sale which is about time after I have worn the same coat for the past three winters. It was lucky that I waited out the winter outerwear situation seeing as I nearly bought this jacket a month or so back for £35, but by stalling I only paid £18.60 including postage!

Also, a lovely little shoutout to my best college friend for being a sport today and taking my images in our deserted classroom as we waited a lengthy time for our college project to finalise.

What are your thoughts on the heart print this year?

Peace and Love xox


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