Roaring Twenties.

Does it scare you how fast time flies by these days? It doesn’t seem five minutes since I was celebrating my 18th birthday and it’s been two years since then. I can’t believe it.

I hated the thought of leaving my teens, I’ve had such a great time that I didn’t want to leave it all behind. And then I thought, my life has only just begun and I’ve started a new age bracket where I can create new memories and enjoy new experiences and suddenly it doesn’t seem so bad.

Yesterday I spent the day in college with my best friends, and I was truly overwhelmed by my presents and people’s wishes. I guess I’m not used to things like that. Livvy decided to keep it a strict One Direction theme (which I wouldn’t expect any less of her and I really loved the sentiment). And Jennie, Jess and Nat bought my the lipstick I was lusting after (check my VFNO post for the Lush lipstick) and a beautiful bracelet. When did I become worthy of such presents and friends? Or am I just stupidly lucky?


Olivia loves to treat me!


I actually sat in class clutching this with a massive smile on my face. I’m so so happy that my friends bought this for me. It’s absolutely¬†divine.

I caved and opened my gifts this morning from my family and friends, despite the fact I was going to wait until saturday when I returned home, alas my mum had time before she left for work so we sat for a while and listened to the new One Direction album (I am in love!) whilst I poured over people’s generosity. Did I say how lucky I was?


Yes, those are Twinings teabags, my nan knows me so well. One of my favourite presents ever! Isn’t the little tin so cute too?


Not only am I super excited that I received the Little Mix album, but I mum bought me a signed copy! Best mum ever? I think so.


Money and Topshop vouchers! Ahh!

ImageI won’t lie, I did ask for this balloon, it was genuinely the only thing I wanted (and Carex hand sanitiser which I sadly didn’t get). I love a cheeky bit of Louis Tomlinson. (I’m not obsessed with him, I promise).

I’ve just realised my pictures are all dark because I had to put the flash on. Sorry!

Today I am in London, ready to spend the next couple of days with my best friends from Tumblr, I’m so excited to finally meet three of them, (I’m lucky enough to have already met Laura) and to spend time with them.

More pictures will follow later, or over the next couple of days. Check out my post on Instagram for a more up to date timeline on my LDN journey.

Peace and love, the birthday girl! xox


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