Instagram | Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas sweethearts! I shan’t go overboard on the pleasantries on this post (you can expect that in my Christmas post that will see light of day later on today). I adore the idea of sharing a roundup of Instagram images that I have posted, but seeing as this feature has not been started yet on my blog, I’m starting off with a Christmas edition! I love being snap happy and Instagram is the perfect application to enable me to share a plethora of over edited photographs. 
These images come from my two Instagram accounts. One is full of random pictures I want to post, and the other is more centred on style and updates for this blog.
Here are the accounts; iamsamball & teaandtopshop
I just opened my door to find a Louis stocking! My mum is the cutest | It’s nearly present time in the Ball residence. | Christmas OOTD. Sorry for the quality. | Spoilt. | Stupidly happy and lucky. | I’m the luckiest girl in the world. | I love some novelty headwear. | Nan tells jokes wrong | Christmas set table was pretty.
– My mum and insisted this year that I would no longer have a Christmas stocking because it costs a lot of money to fill when I would rather have the money or something else of that value. So imagine my surprise when I opened my bedroom door to find a mini stocking with a large picture of Louis Tomlinson’s face on it! I received some cute nail polishes, make up wipes, chocolate, perfume etc in it.
– Our living room looks all pretty and Christmassy! 
– A cheeky Christmas OOTD courtesy of Zara and Primark.
– Two images virtually the same of some presents from my momma. So thrilled to have the 1D perfume (two bottles!) and Alexa Chung’s book!
– Do you like my novelty headwear? My mum, nana and I all wore antlers for some time.
– My nan read this joke out and when we asked for the answer she said ‘A A Donkey’. She didn’t realise the first A meant answer. Every Christmas she comes out with a new hilarious moment.
– Doesn’t our dining table look nice? This year we opted for red, white and silver which makes a difference from our not-so-christmas colours of our tree.
How was your Christmas?
Comment with your Instagram account name and I’ll check out yours.
Peace and love xox

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