Trendsetter Tuesday: Ashley Madekwe (Ashley-ringmybell)

I remember watching Revenge for the first time on E4 and being hooked from the offset. Each week my mum and I sat in front of the telly with our dinner and watched a healthy dose of a girl seeking revenge on those who framed and killed her father based on a crime he did not commit. We were hooked.

I also remember being enticed by the cool British girl with the gorgeous style and real accent. It’s not often Brit’s get to play themselves on US shows. Take Joshua Bowman for example, who plays Daniel Grayson on the same show as Ashley. A true Brit (one I crushed on all those years ago when he played the cute patient Scott, on Holby City) who plays an all-american, troubled little rich boy.

Anyway. Ashley Madekwe not only appears flawless on the show (save for the moments where you were so sure she was conspiring against, her friend, Emily too), her style and beauty are amplified outside of the ABC programme as well.

Once I found her blog, I was truly in awe (and may have developed a small girl!crush on the actress/style icon) and couldn’t tear myself away from it.

Take a look at the compilation of images I have sourced below.


(Image 4) I adored this jumpsuit so much the first time I saw it, I snapped it up quick in the sale once Topshop reduced the price. You can imagine how thrilled I am to know that Ash has worn this, right?



This must be one of my favourite outfits of hers, absolutely stunning and feminine. It’s a nice change from what we usually see Ashley wear, a stark contrast from her mostly black and red attire.

I love the amount of Topshop clothing she wears, she may throw the odd piece in with a pair of YSL heels and I think hat’s fantastic. There is nothing better than mixing high end and high street fashions, especially when you have the power that Ashley does with her strong following.

I may also be slightly in love with the amount of times we see her wearing heels. I really wish it was acceptable for me to live in them.

Check out Ashley’s blog here: Ashley-ringmybell

Peace and love xox

Roaring Twenties.

Does it scare you how fast time flies by these days? It doesn’t seem five minutes since I was celebrating my 18th birthday and it’s been two years since then. I can’t believe it.

I hated the thought of leaving my teens, I’ve had such a great time that I didn’t want to leave it all behind. And then I thought, my life has only just begun and I’ve started a new age bracket where I can create new memories and enjoy new experiences and suddenly it doesn’t seem so bad.

Yesterday I spent the day in college with my best friends, and I was truly overwhelmed by my presents and people’s wishes. I guess I’m not used to things like that. Livvy decided to keep it a strict One Direction theme (which I wouldn’t expect any less of her and I really loved the sentiment). And Jennie, Jess and Nat bought my the lipstick I was lusting after (check my VFNO post for the Lush lipstick) and a beautiful bracelet. When did I become worthy of such presents and friends? Or am I just stupidly lucky?


Olivia loves to treat me!


I actually sat in class clutching this with a massive smile on my face. I’m so so happy that my friends bought this for me. It’s absolutely divine.

I caved and opened my gifts this morning from my family and friends, despite the fact I was going to wait until saturday when I returned home, alas my mum had time before she left for work so we sat for a while and listened to the new One Direction album (I am in love!) whilst I poured over people’s generosity. Did I say how lucky I was?


Yes, those are Twinings teabags, my nan knows me so well. One of my favourite presents ever! Isn’t the little tin so cute too?


Not only am I super excited that I received the Little Mix album, but I mum bought me a signed copy! Best mum ever? I think so.


Money and Topshop vouchers! Ahh!

ImageI won’t lie, I did ask for this balloon, it was genuinely the only thing I wanted (and Carex hand sanitiser which I sadly didn’t get). I love a cheeky bit of Louis Tomlinson. (I’m not obsessed with him, I promise).

I’ve just realised my pictures are all dark because I had to put the flash on. Sorry!

Today I am in London, ready to spend the next couple of days with my best friends from Tumblr, I’m so excited to finally meet three of them, (I’m lucky enough to have already met Laura) and to spend time with them.

More pictures will follow later, or over the next couple of days. Check out my post on Instagram for a more up to date timeline on my LDN journey.

Peace and love, the birthday girl! xox

Trendsetter Tuesday: Mollie King

Where do I start with Mollie King? I have adored her style for this past year (and to be honest, I think I love virtually everything I have seen her wear in the past X amount of years). I love her elegance, both as a person and style-wise, she’s so feminine and well put together. She is simply darling.

If you don’t know her from a fashion standpoint then, you can find her singing in the British female pop-group, The Saturdays.

This a small collation of images I put together on Polyvore. As you can see, Mollie likes to wear dresses, shorts and skirt quite a lot, showing over her endless legs and show off her petite figure. But she can literally pull off anything she wears.


Her airport style never fails to amaze me, it is casual enough without losing her beauty and style, and she still looks like a million dollars.

58ad919124464af21c3bd0753b3cef14937eb4b79c7c71f2c253dde45af7e9c4af5d90734a7ad8088bb747f9fe56a963article-2297590-18C70800000005DC-981_634x1060Her casual style is something that we can all recreate, she doesn’t dress over the top 24/7, she can create a casual look that is easy for one to shop for, even if it is just for similar items. I personally love this and I’m desperate to re-create this!

article-2464107-18CA0BD100000578-257_634x1076The thing I love and apprecite about this outfit is how mature it is, whilst being slightly edgier for the Saturday’s singer. The colours are not a mixture that it usually seen on here but she manages to work it like she does everything else. Simply stunning.

dabf130217312799c668fd72cc606794Mollie-King-at-Jean-Pierre-BraganzaFrom all of the outfits and images I have seen of Mollie, I have to admit that this outfit from this years London Fashion Week A/W is my favourite. I adore the mixture of grey and white with the shoe colour pop. This season I really adore white, grey, black and lime green. It’s simply divine.

If I strive to be like anyone (once I stop looking like a fifteen year old), it would have to be Mollie King.

What are your favourite Mollie outfits?

Check back soon for an Oasis post of Mollie’s collaboration with the brand called ‘Loved by Mollie’.

Peace and Love xox

Trendsetter Tuesday: Caroline Flack

Say you what you want about Ms Flack, just don’t say anything negative about her to me. Why? I really adore her. And her style. She may have become notorious for her younger-than-most track record of boyfriends, but her style proves that she’s one foxy lady, and truth be told, why wouldn’t the young guys be after her?

I don’t remember the exact point when or the outfit that enticed me, but it happened somewhere along the way and I’m positively hooked. One thing that excites me about her is the lack of trousers we see her in, on the street (now now) and at media induced events. I’m sure her mother told her to flaunt what she has, and gorgeous pins are definitely one of her assets.

Caroline doesn’t just turn up to events looking the bee’s knees, but she looks fabulous in her wellies at a festival and in her wedges walking down the road.

Below are some of my favourite outfits I have found from the 34 year old Londoner.


240513-carolineflack1caroline flack shortsCaroline+Flack+Dresses+Skirts+Cocktail+Dress+N-yxArjsmV1l
tumblr_m66us8ubxd1qcfz6mo1_400Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 20.02.58cflack_gl_16aug12_pa_bshowbiz_celeb_gallery_170212_9 

Her event outfits are gorgeous, a little bit cheeky but tremendously sophisticated. I think she hits the right side of classy.



Street Style

caroline-flackcaroline_flack_blue_shirt_buarticle-2203350-1503BEC9000005DC-130_634x923If Caroline Flack goes missing, don’t contact me, I will have absolutely no clue of her whereabouts. Or her wardrobe…

Stop by next week for my next favourite trendsetter.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on whose style you love.

Peace and love xox

Topshop Edit – Week 11/11

Topshop Edit - Week 11/11

As you are all well aware, at this stage, I am an avid Topshopper customer (my blog url says it all really) so I thought it would be  appropriate to do my Weekly Edit of the ‘New In Stock’ items on the Topshop website.

I adore the check print wool skirt so much and I am very much debating buying it in London!

What items are you loving at the moment?

Peace and love xox

Black Crush – 13/11

I feel like Wednesday’s will be my weekly update of my outfits, alas I really need to up my game and do this more often. Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the backdrop for it is the same as last week and it’s the large street window of room RG1.14. Not a pretty sight.

This Ozzy Osbourne tank top has been from one end of my wardrobe to the other more times than I can count. This means that one more than one occasion I have debated selling it due to it being oversized and barely worn. However it is debated whether  Eleanor Calder owns the same shirt, plus it took me so long to find it, and when I did it was super cheap. I guess I’ll be hanging onto it for a while longer.

SAM_0969 - Copy

SAM_0977 - Copy

SAM_0984 - Copy

SAM_0978 - Copy

SAM_0985 - Copy

SAM_0991 - Copy  
Ozzy Osbourne Leather Trim Tank Top – And Finally… @ Topshop
Black Snake Wrap Skirt – Topshop
Moto Light Blue Western Jacket – Topshop
Lace Trim Ankle Socks – Topshop
White Plimsolls – Converse
Rose Gold Watch – Michael Kors 

Taking one look at this outfit, I have come to the realisation (once again) that I wear too much Topshop. Although it’s hard not to when half of your wardrobe is from there, I really need to branch out more.

This outfit was super comfy though and I think it’s cute. However, one these cold autumn months, I should really choose something that will cover my legs. Maybe I should have donned a pair of tights instead.

Peace and love xox


I have come to the conclusion, through the use of Polyvore, that there are far to many items at the moment that I am craving. Here is a selection of items that I’m currently lusting after. This is at least my more reasonable wishlist.
Note; Phillip Lim & Miu Miu aren’t the most reasonable of designers to lust after though.
Polo-Neck Sweater – H&M
Célfie Raglan Sweatshirt – Sincerely, Jules
Faux Fur Jacket – Fashion Union
Animal Tile Mix Tunic Dress – Topshop
Orange Wool Check Skirt – Topshop
Navy and Green Check Side Split Mini Skirt – New Look
Standout Croc Boston Bag – Forever 21
Instax Mini 8 Instant Photo Camera – Fujifilm
Miu Miu Slippers – Miu Miu
Quinn Leopard Print Loafer – Phillip Lim
Kelso Cut Out Shoes – Topshop
Hat – H&M
Women’s Baker Deep Maroon Leather Strap Watch – Marc Jacobs
Black and White Patent Brogue Chelsea Boots – River Island
Wide Heel Ankle Boot – Zara
Mini Natasha Nylon Shoulder Bag – Marc Jacobs
Brian Lichtenberg Homiés Sweatshirt – Net-A-Porter