Trendsetter Tuesday: Jade Thirlwall

If you know me (and the chances are if you have been directed here from Facebook or Tumblr you will) you will know how much I LOVE the Little Mix girls. And their style. so the first Mixer girlie I chose, was the adorable 20 year-old Geordie. That narrowed it down to two girls from that band then. Great.

But I’m talking about Miss Jade Thirlwall, renowned for her big hair bows and khaki parka that the girls have threatened to burn.

In the earlier days I can’t say I enjoyed her style all too much, I found it all a little childish and, quite frankly, strange. But I still found the odd outfit that I could see myself wearing. Although, this year has shown Jade completely change her style arround. Now sporting girly dresses, jumpsuits and heeled sandals, Jade has found her mature side and has started to dress for her age.

Here are just a few of my favourite Jade outfits.

ImageImageImageImageThere is something so refreshing about mature Jade, she looks so elegant without losing her personality in her style.

I think it’s safe to say that Jade’s new look is truly flawless (and she’s looking smokin’ whilst doing so).

Stay tuned in the next coming weeks for the other three Little Mix girls who are set to make a TT appearance.

Which LM girl’s style is your favourite?

Peace and love xox


October Shopping Haul

I figured now was a good a time as any to do a small write up on the things I purchased this month. Mostly because I really don’t think my bank account would appreciate me spending for the rest of the month. Well the 4 days we have left. November will be a completely different story.

I think most of this months items were sale bargains, and I’ve come to realise that in the past 6 months or so, I’ve become a sale junkie and am starting to repel paying full price for anything again. I really need to get over that.

There are a few other things I treated myself to this month but I either posted them in my FNO post or I’m too lazy to dig them out so that totally does not count. I guess this post counts for the past 2 weeks then.


I’ve totally been itching to embrace the tartan for this season but I just haven’t been able to find anything that I actually wanted to spend my money on (aside from those Topshop shorts that I fell in love with and cried about 10 litres of tears over because they did not fit my body type). I love the detail of the button connecting the straps to the bib and the rounded edges of the shorts. They do need altering slightly but overall I love them.

SALE: G21 @ Asda – £7


I LOVE LOVE LOVE playsuits, when my mum pointed this out online, I fell in love. The plain black material works so perfectly with the segment of colour framing the neck. It hits the current season with the playsuit being teamed with tartan. I literally cannot fault it and it looks so slimming on, hanging perfectly.

SALE: G21 @ Asda – £7


I thought this was so divine the moment I saw it, and for once Primark didn’t let me down. The ‘Burberry’ print is shoved down your throat in nearly every store you enter right now but I genuinely love it. It’s cute and girly but the colour can switch up the personality of your outfit and I simply adore it. The length is perfect on me, the back of the waistband is elasticated and the front it button down.

SALE: Primark – £5


Last month I bought a black and white spotted shirt from H&M but I wasn’t overly comfortable with the size (even though I bought a size smaller and it was still too big) and the material was really poor because it creased so so easily. However I went to the new Matalan store in Liverpool and found this cute shirt. It worked out the same price as the H&M one but the material is much better and I love it.

Matalan – £12


HOORAY FOR TOPSHOP’S MID SEASON SALE! I’ve been lusting after this jumpsuit for months now but I just didn’t fancy paying £38 for it. So when I saw it in the sale for £20, I had to add it to my basket. I was dubious about it, I thought it would cling all wrong and be too long (I was right there) and I thought it would look awful, but I had to try it regardless. When it arrived and I tried it, I was in love. I rolled the ankles up a little and realised that it was actually so flattering on me, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I picked a winner there.

SALE: Topshop – £20


Oh my days. I fell unbearably in love with these shoes a couple of months back when my good friend Carre (TheCarreConcept) wore them in an OOTD picture. However, I could absolutely not warrant the £62 price tag when I saw them as a pair of shoes that would barely be worn. Honestly, I nearly cried when I spied them in the SALE section on TS’s website. I’m glad to say that with these shoes, and that jumpsuit above, I have found my birthday outfit.

SALE: Topshop – £35


Normally I find store sales really stressful but Topshop’s excited me more than anything. I thought this little print crop top was so cute and it can be paired with so many things as well as being dressed up or dress down. I cannot wait to wear it.

SALE: Topshop – £5


Back in August, I contemplated buying these after wanting a new pair of jeans so bad. But like most things, I was unsure whether I liked them on me enough to pay the full ticket price, alas the sale was kind to me once again and I nabbed these jeans for half price! I love them, I love how casual and comfortable they are but also how chic and funky they can be. That darker denim side stripe is perfect.

SALE: Topshop – £20


Lastly, I thought it was time to treat myself to some new lipstick’s. After crying over LUSH’s ‘Drive’ purple lipstick, I decided a bold colour was the way forward for me. I’ve never been one for lipstick but it seems this year I have found my love for it and buying these was a good choice, much like the Topshop one I purchased at FNO.

I’ve been wanting to try out something from the Little Mix make-up range that they have done for Superdrug, a Collection collaboration and I had heard so many raving reviews on the Perrie lipstick, I had to buy it myself. Verdict? I BLOODY LOVE IT. Absolutely adore that colour. I also bought a gorgeous shade from Collection own range, however it looked more purple on my hand and more pink on my lips but I’m not complaining too much there.

Both: Superdrug – £2.99 each

So that’s my haul for this month, check back at the end of November to see what I purchased throughout the month and on my birthday trip to London. Let me see the bright lights!

Peace and love
Sam xox